25 Bookish Facts About Me

I was tagged by @bookishlyrebecca (click the link to check out her post) for this bookish tag. I’ve never done this tag before so prepare for some discourse (assuming anyone wants to comment), some unpopular opinions, and some facts that I don’t normally share. It really does seem like wordpress (and blogging in general) is a safe space for introverts everywhere. I might be oversharing but I’m only doing this tag once.

Let’s get started (I might regret this):

  1. I wasn’t aware of public libraries before I started blogging.
    REAL TALK: I wasn’t born in the U.S. and I didn’t have the privilege of knowing that public libraries exist. I thought they only exist in schools.
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  2. Speaking of public libraries, I’ve only recently acquired a library card… This year. I didn’t know it was free. Nobody told me it was free and I don’t have family or friends who often go to the library.
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  3. I was pressured to read Twilight. I went to an all-girls schools at some point and everybody read Twilight. It was inescapable and my friend loaned me their copy.

  4. When I came to America, A friend lent me copies of Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. I couldn’t get into Linger but I loved Shiver. These were my second & third YA novels. Apparently, I keep borrowing books from friends. I’m not surprised.
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  5. I read Harry Potter in high school. Special shout out to my high school in California!  I don’t know if this blog post is giving my home country a bad name but this was just my experience. There is probably a better school out there in my home country that have better books.
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  6. My aunt gifted me The Vampire Diaries series for my birthday. I didn’t know I would enjoy it. I’m Team Stefan in the books but I’m Team Damon in the CW tv show. I think I read this after Linger???
    nina dobrev damon GIF
    REAL TALK: The newer book releases within the TVD universe were written by a ghost writer. L.J. didn’t write book 6 (Phantom) and whatever came after that. Same thing happened to The Secret Circle, which I also read. But my favorite books from her were The Forbidden Game and Night World. Teen Claire appreciated these stories.

  7. I prefer to read the book (first) before watching a show or movie. Unless the book came in second.

  8. Sometimes I would stop reading a book because I don’t like a certain character. For instance, I didn’t want to read the rest of the Diviners series because I dislike Sam Lloyd. I do like to read about problematic characters but he was just annoying (in general) to me. I can’t forget the time he stole money and a kiss from Evie. I’m basically the only one who can’t seem to let go of his problematic behavior despite his sad back story. I mean, he tried to make it up but for some reason I just can’t let it go. Haha. SHUT UP CLAIRE

  9. Speaking of problematic characters… I like to read about villains, anti heroes, and characters who are morally ambiguous. But I still find Sam Lloyd annoying. He kissed a girl without consent. Please do not fight me or try to make me see sense/reason on this issue. It seems like a surprise kiss to me and it doesn’t look cute. SHUT UP CLAIRE

  10. I was sorted in Slytherin twice. I took the test (again) when pottermore changed their website. The first time I was sorted was during the beta period of pottermore. There had been different activities just to be able to get the link to register for their site. I miss the potions game.
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  11. I like to be spoiled for certain books but it really depends on the spoiler. For instance: please do not spoil the ending. Spoil something else from the book, just not the last few chapters.

  12. I have all kinds of bookmarks but I almost never use them?
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  13. My reading habit: Reading usually happens at night.
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  14. Hush, Hush is still my ‘guilty pleasure’ read even if it was problematic. There was just something addicting about it. Oops. Did you know this is going to be a movie? However, I don’t think I’ll be able to read this series the same way. Haha.


  15. Scratch that, the Sweet Evil series is actually my guilty pleasure read. Really enjoyed this bad, bad rendition of the Nephilim tale. There really is something wrong with teen Claire. Teen Claire is problematic.


  16. I’m still a sucker for the bad boy trope and/or the broody guy trope. I’m looking at you Kaidan Rowe (Sweet Evil series), Adrian Ivashkov, Will Herondale, Julian Blackthorn, Akiva, and Raffe (Angelfall series). Apparently, I’ve never gotten out of this phase. Teen Claire LOVES these characters.

  17. I own the Nook Glowlight+ but I wished I waited so I could’ve gotten the *new* Kindle.

  18. I find it cathartic to read about characters who are suffering and trying to fight back against some form of antagonistic presence (i.e. antagonist or themselves). For instance, Throne of Glass was the book that healed my broken heart. Dorian Havilliard cheered me up. It had also been cathartic to read about Celaena suffering but fighting back against her oppressors in book 1.

  19. One thing I don’t understand about myself is how I would prefer one *sort of* problematic character over another. An example is how I was extremely annoyed with Delilah Bard in the Shades of Magic series but I loved Kate Harker in the Monsters of Verity series. Unpopular opinion, I know!

  20. I prefer character driven stories over plot driven stories. I think I notice this often in adult books.


  21. Forbidden love stories and tragic love stories are also my fave tropes.

  22. I found it difficult to read Crooked Kingdom because I’m not fond of stories with a heist. I’m impatient to read about the planning of the con/s. The only reason why I was able to get through Six of Crows was because I enjoyed reading about the backstories of Leigh Bardugo’s characters. WE LOVE A TRAGIC BACKSTORY.

  23. I tend to root for the underdogs.

  24. One bookish trope I dislike are mean girls. It’s even worst when a girl fights someone just because of a guy she likes. I also want to add that I dislike characters who are hypocrites. Ironically, this happened in the Hush Hush series. 

  25. I’m probably never going to stop reading YA books since I will forever be waiting for the sequel to L.J. Smith’s Forbidden Game series because the last book in the Night World series hasn’t been published in YEARS. The author mentioned that she’s going to publish Rematch once Strange Fate gets published. Looks like it’s not going to happen anytime soon! Can someone in Simon and Schuster explain this? I’m not getting any younger. This is so sad. Haha.

Thanks for reading!

I’m tagging ANYONE interested in doing this tag. Feel free to TAG ME so I could check out your post. If anyone wants to share some unique or funny bookish facts, I’d love to read them. That’s all for today and have a good weekend!

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Me right now since it’s almost the end of the year.


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  1. Hush Hush is going to be a movie?! Omg I LOVED this series a few years ago. It’s kinda bad and so problematic, but same, I still consider it to be a guilty pleasure😂 I’m sure I’ll be going to see the movie lol. Great post Claire💞

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