Review: The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams


The Babysitters Coven (The Babysitters Coven, #1)The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication: 09/17/2019
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it’s kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a job? Gross. Besides, Esme likes babysitting, and she’s good at it.

And lately Esme needs all the cash she can get, because it seems like destruction follows her wherever she goes. Let’s just say she owes some people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She’s Instagram-model hot, dresses like she found her clothes in a dumpster, and has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria food. So why is Cassandra willing to do anything, even take on a potty-training two-year-old, to join Esme’s babysitters club?

The answer lies in a mysterious note Cassandra’s mother left her: “Find the babysitters. Love, Mom.”

Turns out, Esme and Cassandra have more in common than they think, and they’re about to discover what being a babysitter really means: a heroic lineage of superpowers, magic rituals, and saving the innocent from seriously terrifying evil. And all before the parents get home.


My thoughts

This book seemed like a good idea at first, hence I requested it. Mentioning “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” would just make fans like me intrigued. I tried to read this book and it was kind of entertaining. It was funny in a way that the narrator, talked about minor situations as if they were significant. Normally, I’d enjoy reading books such as this one but unfortunately, I felt that this book wasn’t for me.

The reasons why I didn’t enjoy this as much as I expected was because it left me feeling frustrated, which was more of a “it’s not the book, it’s me” type of issue. I felt disinterested in the main character the more I read the book. Also, the plot was just slow and since I wasn’t invested in any of the characters, I thought I couldn’t finish reading the entire book. Instead, I opted to skim.

Anyway, I thought the first chapter was hilarious and it definitely caught my attention, but while reading, I realized this book would’ve been better for a younger audience. I think a 13 year old would be interested in this novel. I wanted more of the paranormal aspect, instead this reminded me of a clean version of “Buffy” or maybe even “Charmed” through the eyes of a 13 year old.

*Huge thanks to the publisher for providing access to this title in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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One thought on “Review: The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams

  1. Ah that’s a shame! I know what you mean though, sometimes a book is just meant for a younger audience and with the best will in the world if won’t appeal to an adult


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