About Me

I’m Claire, the ‘kind of newbie’ blogger and amateur bookstagrammer, at your service!

If I’m not updating this blog, you will most likely find me on twittertumblr, or goodreads. My favorite stories often contain some of these elements: a tragic backstory, anti-heroes, complex plots, the enemies-to-romance trope, and the forbidden romance trope. Although I am not a writer, I have some bookish ideas in my mind. I absolutely want to write a book, but I don’t know where to begin! When I’m not daydreaming, you can usually find me reading, blogging, or bookstagramming.

RANDOM BOOKISH FACTS ABOUT ME (not that it matters):

  1. I like reading paranormal romance to help get me out of a book-slump, but sometimes I just reread my favorite books instead.
  2. The first author I met was Marie Lu and minutes after that, Victoria Schwab. It was *kind of an embarrassing experience for me (tongue-tied and not sure what I was going to say). I was a ball of anxiety and I can’t help fangirl over different fictional characters!!!
  3. I like to create bookish playlists and graphics of my favorite books. If I could create videos about them (and post them on youtube), I definitely would. I’m just a creative person overall with an appreciation for the arts.
  4. A favorite I’ve read in High School was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Ever since I read it, I started googling about books in the dystopian genre. I actually read The Hunger Games before Brave New World and that was the first time I’ve heard about the dystopia genre.
  5. I read multiple books all at once. I’m a mood reader. Oops.

My Playlist

I like to create bookish playlists and this playlist happens to be the one that inspires one of my bookish ideas. It’s still a WIP. I’m not even sure if I’ll be deleting the whole thing and starting all over again. I unfortunately cannot disclose anything about this yet.

Any questions and/or requests?