About Me

I’m Claire, the ‘kind of newbie’ blogger and amateur bookstagrammer, at your service!

RANDOM BOOKISH FACTS ABOUT ME (not that it matters):

  1. I like reading paranormal romance to help get me out of a book-slump, but sometimes I just reread my favorite books instead.
  2. The first author I met was Marie Lu and minutes after that, Victoria Schwab. It was *kind of an embarrassing experience for me (tongue-tied and not sure what I was going to say). I was a ball of anxiety and I can’t help fangirl over different fictional characters!!!
  3. I like to create bookish playlists and graphics of my favorite books. If I could create videos about them (and post them on youtube), I definitely would. I’m just a creative person overall with an appreciation for the arts.
  4. A favorite I’ve read in High School was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Ever since I read it, I started googling about books in the dystopian genre. I actually read The Hunger Games before Brave New World and that was the first time I’ve heard about the dystopia genre.
  5. I read multiple books all at once. I’m a mood reader. Oops.

Any questions and/or requests?