The Deets

All book reviews are linked to my goodreads, twitter, and tumblr account. For instance, if I post a book review on my book blog, it automatically publishes the review on my tumblr. I might post a short review of the book on instagram (not the full review). Finally, I also post book reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble whenever I can.

I usually read

  • YA (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, contemporary)
  • Adult mystery/thrillers

Send me your review requests or talk to me about anything book related!

A few reminders about my reviews:

1. There are times when reading a book takes me at least 1-2 months to complete. It depends on how busy I am with my life. If you have a deadline for me to send in my review, please let me know ahead of time so I can prepare.

2. Reviews will be posted as soon as possible, once I finish reading the book. I start with goodreads, then tweak my reviews (a bit) for my book blog.

3. Although I prefer to read physical copies as opposed to electronic copies, I don’t mind the latter. I do have an account for Netgalley and Edelweiss.

4. I reserve the right to decline titles I’m not interested in reviewing. It has nothing to do on the book’s popularity or other outside influence. It has more to do with my interest in the plot or what the book is about. For instance, I may not review certain books if the content is triggering for me (or if it makes me feel uncomfortable).

5. I will (now) only be responding to emails with books I’m interested in reviewing. The reason for this is that I don’t have time to respond to each email individually especially if I receive numerous review requests.


Thanks for reading and visiting my blog

Note: I’m not accepting any review requests at the moment. However, I would be open to reviewing books to be released next year (2020).