25 Bookish Facts About Me

I was tagged by @bookishlyrebecca (click the link to check out her post) for this bookish tag. I’ve never done this tag before so prepare for some discourse (assuming anyone wants to comment), some unpopular opinions, and some facts that I don’t normally share. It really does seem like wordpress (and blogging in general) is aContinue reading “25 Bookish Facts About Me”

Coffee Book Tag

OH YES 😍 I was tagged by Jamieson @jamishelves and this is probably my favorite tag right now. Don’t forget to check out her responses to this tag. Also, since YOU just happen to stumble upon this blog post, just know that I’m tagging YOU. Feel free to do this and tag me in yourContinue reading “Coffee Book Tag”

Greek Gods Book Tag

A month ago, I was tagged by Brianna @briannathebookworm to do The Greek Gods Book Tag. If anyone’s looking to follow more book blogs, I’d recommend to check out her blog! I know it took so long for me to post this but I genuinely like this tag. I thought the questions were paired well withContinue reading “Greek Gods Book Tag”

Nope Book Tag

I never heard of this tag but I’ve been tagged by Karen @sincerelykarenjo. Feel free to check out her blog for other bookish stuff! Now, I’m going to start by including a disclaimer: My answers to this tag are a bunch of my opinions. Not a fact. And since were all entitled to an opinion,Continue reading “Nope Book Tag”

Guilty Reader Tag

So, I was tagged by Tabby @orangeowldiaries to do the guilty reader tag. Feel free to check out her responses (to the questions below) here. I think I’ve seen this tag around youtube but I’ve never done it before. Now here are my responses: 1. Have you ever re-gifted a book that you’ve been gifted?
Continue reading “Guilty Reader Tag”