June + July Wrap-up

Well, this is embarrassing. How is everyone? I hope you guys are reading something awesome in this moment. Did anyone participate in a read-a-thon? How about “#ARCAugust”? This is going to come a bit of a shock (not really) but I missed out on my wrap up posts these past two months. I debated whetherContinue reading “June + July Wrap-up”

Library Haul: By Your Side by Kasie West

And now were continuing with the Kasie West binge… up next is a book that wasn’t what I had been expecting. We want libraries but I’m not sure any of these characters were book nerds nor if the library had anything to do with the story. Wished, it hadn’t promoted this way. Either way, thisContinue reading “Library Haul: By Your Side by Kasie West”