June + July Wrap-up

Well, this is embarrassing. How is everyone? I hope you guys are reading something awesome in this moment. Did anyone participate in a read-a-thon? How about “#ARCAugust”? This is going to come a bit of a shock (not really) but I missed out on my wrap up posts these past two months. I debated whetherContinue reading “June + July Wrap-up”

May wrap-up

Note that my wrap-up posts will keep getting shorter. I’m going to try to catch up on my reading soon but for now, here are the books I read in May. Some reviews have not been posted but they are definitely on queue. First book in May… To Best the Boys by Mary Weber Second…Continue reading “May wrap-up”

I forgot to post my April Wrap-Up? + Yallwest Experience #2

These are the books I either half-read or read entirely. Click on book covers for my thoughts!   Reviews to be posted in my book blog soon… Now… about Yallwest 2019: I actually had not taken any pictures of my haul but I’m glad I got the arcs I wanted (or think I wanted). IFContinue reading “I forgot to post my April Wrap-Up? + Yallwest Experience #2”

March wrap-up (I’m late again) + Library haul

How was March for a reading month? This isn’t an excuse but it probably is… I’ve been playing piano a lot lately and it definitely affected my reading and blogging time. Every time I start coming up with a blog post idea or have the itch to look at various social media and other blogs,Continue reading “March wrap-up (I’m late again) + Library haul”

February Wrap Up + Reading updates

I’m just gonna go ahead without any introductions: RTC for this title but if you’re already friends with me at goodreads, you’ve probably already read my thoughts on this book. To all of you who are fond of magical-realism, this one might be something you’ll enjoy. I loved the aesthetic. This is probably my favoriteContinue reading “February Wrap Up + Reading updates”